KAUST Research Conference on Divide, Conquer, and Combine Methods in Large-scale Simulation and Analytics, a.k.a. the 28th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods (DD28)

Visitors to Saudi Arabia from 65 countries can now apply for a tourist visa online. Registrants presenting passports from countries that are not yet eligible for a Saudi tourist visa may qualify for the online process if they are legal residents of the US, the UK, or a country in the Schengen region, or hold a currently valid business or tourist visa for these countries. Please review visa requirements and fees here. Registrants from outside of the online eligibility should fill out the registration form, but should not pay the registration fee until their visa eligibility is confirmed.  All are welcome to contact for advice on the process and on finding and contacting their most convenient Saudi embassy or consulate.

The hotel address, for visa form purposes is:

Al Khozama KAUST

7729 Bayt Al Hikmah Boulevard

Thuwal 23955 Saudi Arabia

+966 12 5788 100