KAUST Research Conference on Divide, Conquer, and Combine Methods in Large-scale Simulation and Analytics, a.k.a. the 28th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods (DD28)

Transportation Options 

KAUST is a vast gated community of about 40 sq km with restricted entry. Conference registrants will be provided with the required entry code. Below are various transportation options to help you reach our campus.

1. Airport:

The closest airport with commercial flights is Jeddah International Airport, also known as King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA).

  • Airport Code: JED (IATA), OEJN (ICAO)
  • Approximately 70 airlines serve JED, with major global alliance carriers including Saudia (SkyTeam), Turkish (Star Alliance), and Qatar (One World).
  • Non-aligned carriers Emirates and Etihad offer daily flights to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

2. Taxi from the Airport to KAUST:

  • The taxi ride from the airport to our campus takes approximately one hour.
  • The cost of the taxi ride is approximately 200 Saudi Riyals.

3. Train from the Airport to KAUST:

The closest train station is the Haramain High-Speed Railway in King Abdullah Economic City (HHR KAEC station).

  • There are five connections per day between JED and KAEC via the railway, with a travel time of 45 minutes.
  • From the KAEC station, a taxi ride to our campus takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • The cost of the taxi ride is approximately 50 Saudi Riyals.

4. External Vehicles:

Unregistered external vehicles, including standard ride services, can reach as far as the KAUST Visitor Center. Once you arrive at the KAUST Visitor Center, you can use KAUST internal buses or taxis to connect to the KAUST Al Khozama Hotel or the conference halls.

To skip the connection at the visitor center, these taxi services are registered with KAUST security and can pass with the visitor registration number:

5. Conference Organized Buses:

The DD28 conference organizers will arrange buses for high-density arrival and departure times. If you are interested in these connections, please update your arrival information in this editable registration form once your final arrangements are made.  Charter bus schedules will be sent to registrants about two weeks before the conference.

6. Arriving by Car:

Registrants planning to drive to KAUST must submit the following documents in advance:

  • Passport or Saudi Resident Iqama or Saudi ID
  • Driver's License (If you have a chauffeur, please provide their ID as well)
  • Car Registration Card
  • Certificate of Valid Car Insurance

To request a confirmation of your vehicle access with KAUST Security by the host team, please ensure you contact at least three days in advance and a web form to collect the required information will be sent to you.

We hope this transportation guide helps you make informed decisions while planning your journey to KAUST. 

Please get in touch with us anytime if you have any further questions or require assistance. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus.